• Is the refuge fully-organised?

 Yes, it is. In Koromilia, both accommodation and meals are offered.
The guest house consists of 3 rooms (3 bunkbeds each). We can supply the necessary linen and covers. Alternatively, guests can use their own linen (2 sheets and a pillowcase are necessary), blankets or sleepingbags.
In the restaurant, all meals are served (breakfast, lunch, supper) as well as beverages/coffees.


  • What is the cost of accommodation in Koromilia?

The cost of accommodation/ dailyfee is regulated by the National Hikers Federation.
The cost of accommodation is set at 13€ per person (11€ for members of hiker’s clubs upon demonstration of corresponding memebership card).
The dailyfee (that is for people who camp in the premises but wish to use the refuge facilities or passers-by who use the facilitites) is set at 20% of the accommodation cost.
There are no special rates for children over the age of 2.5 or groups.


  • How can I make a reservation?

 To reserve a bed you can contact us by phone or email (6942243349, 6981448978, info@koromiliarefuge.gr) in order to confirm availability on the preferred dates. The reservation is finalized once you predeposit the cost of accommodation in a bank account.
In case of cancellation, there is no refund. You can postpone your booking for a future date.


  • When does the refuge operate?

Koromilia is open throughout the year. It is open daily from mid-June to September. The rest of the year, it is open at weekends, except for circumstances of extreme weather conditions. During wintertime, we can provide accommodation to groups of at least 4 people upon prior notice on weekdays.
For any changes in the schedule, there will be an announcement in our social media pages.


  • What times is the refuge open?

The restaurant is open from the early morning hours till 21:30 p.m.
Lights go out at 22:30 and all noise or operations cease for the night.


  • Are there special provisions for children?

Children, as well as adults, must abide by the policy of operation and cleanliness. A playpen can be placed in the guest house upon prior notice. There is also a booster seat in the restaurant. Children over the age of 2.5 are eligible to full accommodation like adults.


  • Are pets allowed inside?

According to the regulations by the National Hikers Federation, pets are not allowed inside mountain refuges for reasons of sanitation and hygiene because all facilities are of common use.
In the outside premises, the pet owner bears full responsibility for their pet’s needs. In the back, we have placed 3 doghouses.
On the balcony, pets must be restrained next to their owner.


  • How do I get to Koromilia?

You can either come by car through the village Dion following the Olympos and the St Konstantine & Helen chapel signs. From that point, you get on a 9km dirt road that leads to the Koromilia parking lot.
If you decide to hike, you can take well-marked hiking paths from a) the chapel of  St Konstantine & Helen, b) St Basil (Ag. Vasilios) in the Karitsa village, c) from the D. Mpountolas refuge (Litohoro), d) the Petrostrougka refuge, e) the Rahi path (the ancient path to the tops).


  • How can I get to the Red Rock waterfall (Orlias canyon)?

You can reach the Red Rock Waterfall ONLY on foot through a hiking path. You can either begin from Koromilia or the chapel of St Konstantine & Helen. The path is clearly marked. The waterfall is approximately in the middle that is 2.2km on a hiking path of ascents.
You will need water and hiking boots.


  • What does the menu consist of?

 All meals are served in Koromilia. We use fresh ingredients from local producers. There are options for full-dieters, vegans, vegetarians, gluten-free dieters.
We ONLY serve freshly- cooked food, there are no grilled or barbequed choices.


  • Is there electricity in the refuge?

 Olympus mountain is protected by a rather austere regulatory frame which among other does not permit permanent sources of energy or water networks. The energy supply derives solely from power generators and solar panels.
Most refuges on Olympus need to gather rain/ snow water to cater to their needs. In Koromilia, we use water from a close-by stream that may run dry from time to time.
Therefore, the consumption of energy and water must be regulated and mindful.


  • Covid-19

 Koromilia refuge abides by the safety protocols as defined by the authorities.
The use of a face mask is COMPULSORY inside the refuge.
The tables and benches are sanitized after use. In the guesthouse, we exercise social distancing among guests. Each room is disinfected after use according to the official guidelines or it is remains out of commission for 72 hours.


  • Is there anything else I should know?

All rules and regulations that make up the opus operandi of mountain refuges correlate with the special circumstances (lack of permanent sources of energy/water, commonly-used facilities) as well as the need for cleanliness and hygiene.
Inside the refuge, you need to use slippers (we can provide you with a pair if you do not carry your own).
In the restaurant and the guesthouse, the consumption of food/drinks you carry with you is frowned upon. There are ideal spots for a picnic in the mountain which we will gladly point out.



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