Starting altitude: 230m.          Final Altitude: 1020m. 

Signs :  red and orange circle.

Duration: 4,5 hours


This path takes you from the Litohoro center to the D. Mpountolas Refuge ( position Stavros, 948m.) through a forested area to Mana (which means water spring) to the Seloma position (1120m.). Up to this point you are guided by old marks of spray paint. From Seloma, after leaving behind you two spectacular creeks ( Xylias and an unnamed one) you reach Koromilia guided by the orange-circled sings (1,5 hours)

Alternatively, you can go to the D.Mpountolas Refuge by car and follow on foot the same route (Stavros-Mana- Seloma-Koromilia) that will get you to Koromilia in 3 hours.