Staring altitude: 1020m.       Final Altitude: 1450m.  

Signs: yellow square, yellow circle in a green background circle

Duration: 3 hours.



From Koromilia refuge you move towards Petrostrougka following the yellow sings up to the Trampala spot. From then until Mparmpa, you follow the yellow circle in a green background circle to an altitude of 1.450m. through a dense, beautiful forest and small creeks.

When you have reached this spot, you can take different routes. You can either go back, move towards Petrostrougka and the E4, or go down to the Gkortsia position or the D. Mpountolas refuge.



Alternatively, you can complete a full circle and return to Koromilia (5,5 hours in total).From Mparmpa you move towards Seloma (old red sings) and then on to Koromilia (orange signs).