Vangelis Giannikos (manager)

Καταφύγιο Κορομηλιά - Βαγγέλης Γιαννικός

He is the son of Kostas Giannikos, one of the first hikers in the Olympus region, who co-founded the Club of Greek Hikers in Litohoro and Katerini and used to hike the mountains with his friend the late Giosos Apostolidis, a prominent feature on Olympus. Therefore, Vangelis was brought up in accordance to principals of mountaineering and nature-loving. It was at the early age of 6 that Vangelis first reached the Mitikas top and has, since, been spellbound.

After completing his extensive studies in Business Management and Marketing both in Greece and abroad, he possessed an executive position in the Bank branch for 16 years. When the time was, finally, right he decided to follow his childhood dream and took over managing Koromilia Refuge.

In the past, he acted for several years as president in the Litohoro Nature-lovers Club “Olympos” (former Club of Greek Hikers in Litohoro), member of the National Federation of Nature-loving, Hiking and Touring Clubs, substitute member on the Board of the Olympus National Park Management Agency.

Today, he takes part in the Committee responsible for the National Register of Hiking Paths under the direction of the Forestry Authority in Pieria, he is certified in first-aid and mountain leading.

He is fluent in English.


Effie Keramidioti (supervisor)Καταφύγιο Κορομηλιά - Έφη Κεραμιδιώτη

With a university degree in Journalism and Mass Communication and brought-up in one of the first restaurants in the area, she acts as the second-hand in managing Koromilia.

Having participated in cycling and biking clubs, she holds a lot of experience in volunteering and common affairs. Her love of nature has led her to change the city lifestyle to the mountain living conditions.

She is in charge of the restaurant and cuisine, following in the footsteps of her grandparents.

She is certified in first-aid for adults and infants/children. She is fluent in English and French.


Ioli Giannikou

Καταφύγιο Κορομηλιά - Ιόλη Γιαννικού

3rd generation hiker, she is the good-luck charm of Koromilia.

She took her first tour round Olympus when she was 8 months old and has since hiked plenty. She plans on being a rock-climber.

She is the person to show you all the hide-outs and secret treasures around Koromilia, provided you earn the privilege.

She tends to present herself using aliases.